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There is an increasing number of divers who document their diving experiences in Indonesia with their camcorders. A lot of them - me included - publish their work on the internet. I have started collecting these videos while sorting them into albums in order to offer the diving community the chance to watch underwater videos from other divers who have been in a specific diving area in Indonesia before.

I have chosen the online portal Vimeo for my project. On Vimeo the more ambitious and quality-conscious videographers publish their videos. That is why you can find very professionally made underwater videos there. Another advantage of this collection is, that you now have the chance to have a closer look at the diving area you want to travel to and see it through the eyes of other divers who have been there before. You do not have to rely exclusively on the promises of your travel agents.

All videos I found on vimeo are sorted into albums. Each album contains videos of one specific diving region in Indonesia.

Maybe you start with having a look at my videos. Most of them have been video taped in Indonesia.

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Videos from Michael Bode
Underwater-Videos from Indonesien
Animated Liveaboard-Itineraries

Underwater Videos sorted by diving areas

Videos: Diving in Bali
Videos: Tauchen in Bali
Videos: Diving in Komodo
Videos: Tauchen in Komodo

Videos: Diving in Maumere/Flores
Videos: Tauchen In Maumere/Flores
Videos: Diving in Alor
Videos: Tauchen in Alor

Videos: Diving in Sulawesi
Videos: Tauchen in Sulawesi
Videos: Diving in Lembeh
Videos: Tauchen in Lembeh

Videos: Diving in Raja Ampat
Videos: Tauchen in Raja Ampat
Videos: Diving in Cenderawasih Bay
Videos: Cenderawasih Bucht

Videos: Diving Ambon/Maluku
Videos: Tauchen auf den Molukken
Videos: Liveaboard Trips in Indonesia
Videos: Tauchsafaris in Indonesien

Videos: Diving in Kalimantan
Videos: Tauchen in Kalimantan
Videos: Diving in Lombok
Videos: Tauchen in Lombok

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